AS10291107   connector
  • Schneebichler R09-052*)
  • Rolfo 136155*)

AS10292907   repair kit connector
Bayonet 4pin
  • Schneebichler R09-071-01*)
  • Menbers 226800*)
  • Rolfo 135335F*)

AS10424207   connector
female 40pin | L=73mm | W=41mm
  • Deutsch DRC16-40S*)
  • FRANCE A04060267*)

AS10603007   connector set
for control box
  • FRANCE A04060267-(F)*)
  • Deutsch DRC16-40S*)

*) All brands, references and comparison numbers listed are for comparison purposes only. Unless otherwise specified, the items offered are replica parts in OEM quality.
(F) for / component of | (A) alternative